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Welcome to the final resting place of Grave Tone Productions.  

Grave Tone Productions is that noise that wakes you during the night, that thing under your bed, the shadowy figure you see out of the corner of your eye and the dark seekers that visit you while you sleep.  Our purpose here at Grave Tone is to provide the soundtrack to everything you fear in life.

Born out of our love for everything HORROR and HALLOWEEN, we are dedicated to taking you into our dark world to experience unparalleled terror. We are the result of your nightmares becoming your reality.

Specializing in HORROR, Grave Tone composes music for films, sound design for film/tv, haunted attractions, websites and more.  Contact us at for more information.

Our stock horror cd's are available at iTunes, AmazonCDBaby and other digital outlets.  Physical CD's are available here.

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