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Grave Tone Productions brings their own unique vision to haunt music.  A great mix of seriously dark atmosphere and intense industrial nastiness. - Edward Douglas, Midnight Syndicate

What we have is 13 tracks of music that represent a brand new take on the genre started by Midnight Syndicate long ago.  Music To Be Buried By is extremely creepy with keys and sound effects laid over and under dark, grinding metal riffs.  This is amazing stuff.  Breathtakingly original stuff. - Mr. Dark, Dread Central

Very few things give me can give me the creeps anymore, but Music To Be Buried By is absolutely unnerving in my opinion.  - Matthew Flagler, All Hallows Radio, Canadian Haunted Attractions Conference

I'm very excited that I was introduced to Grave Tone Productions.  Music To Be Buried By is soundtrack music for Halloween haunts or films or any dark and dreary place.  A whole slew of tracks to die for.  They are edgier than any other haunt music makers.  They are TERROR-riffic.  - Jack Ritchie, Darkest Radio

Music To Be Buried By is an expertly mixed brand of hardcore of progressive metal in with a plethora of spooky narration of frightening sound to create a hybrid that dances the line between concept album and sales pitch to the horror film and amusement industries.  Trust us, it is indeed a work to make you uneasy. - Jef With One F, Houston Press

Grave Tone Productions create unique creepscapes but Music To Be Buried By also provides a good stand alone album as they target specific horror-related funfair location be it a ghost train or a haunted house.  It is a serious venture into grim string, piano, and field recording-infused panoramas. - Bjorn Werkman, Ambient Exotic

Excellent piano work and guitars provide a great creepy feel.  The music reminds of Dethklok at times.  Music To Be Buried By sounds like something you might hear in a modern horror movie.  If you don't run a haunted attraction, the music is great to listen to by itself.  You haven't heard the last of them. - Weird Jon,
Gravedigger's Local 16

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